Monday, February 21

Watch Out, Hillary -- Here Comes The Big Gun

The buzz on the Hill is that Veep Cheney may well step down next year. If he does, the rumor continues, Condi Rice will take his place.

In his blog, To The Point, Dr. Jack Wheeler says an insider "Congressional Committee Chairman," "We all know that Dick Cheney has been the best Vice-President of modern times, perhaps in American history, and we know that he absolutely will not run for President in 2008. Further, he has an unfortunate history of heart trouble. So let's just say none of us will be surprised if, sometime next year, he will step down from the Vice-Presidency due to his health.

"Should this happen, President Bush would need to appoint his replacement, just as Richard Nixon chose Gerald Ford to replace Spiro Agnew. It is quite clear to us whom the President would choose should he need to: Condoleezza Rice."

As Wheeler points out, that would certainly put Condi on the fast track to the Presidential nomination in 2008. That move, says Wheeler, "sucks every breath of wind from Hillary's sails. Historically, it's hard for a party to keep the White House after they've had it for eight years. This is George Bush and Dick Cheney's way to buck history -- and make it."

If that is true, we come to the issues of what Condi supports and what she doesn't. Is she, for example, proChoice or proLife? What's her stand on the marriage amendment?

We need to know more about her positions on domestic problems before we decide whether she gets our support for President. We sure like the idea of pitting her against Hilary, though.


Van Helsing said...

This move would certainly put Condi on the fast track for 2008. Being veep wouldn't necessarily make her views on domestic issues any clearer, however. Much as I like her on foreign policy, I just don't know her on anything else, and few people seem to.

Van Helsing

Unknown said...

Her position on abortion seems to be a crucial one, Van. That's the one issue we can't seem to pin down -- she's been really vague on it.