Friday, May 11

Father's Day and Global Warming

I can hardly wait for Father's Day!

My husband, who was a NASA scientist back during the Apollo and Gemini days (he pioneered the photography of earth from space) will adore what I plan to get for him. It's a feature-length documentary plus additional interview material with some of the world’s leading climate scientists.(You can find some of them and their factual information at

Seems a Canadian TV producer has come out with the "definitive response to Gore's Inconvenient Truth" with the true facts about global warming. Now lest you, Dear Reader, are not familiar with my position on that stance suffice it to say that, as the wife of a conscientious scientist who does careful research into things like this I can simply say that blaming human "carbon footprints" is, to put it politely, hooey, nonsense and baloney.

If you're not afraid of hearing another side to the GW (Global Warming) story, here's more info on the DVD: "A DVD of the film, The Great Global Warming Swindle, will be available in the next few weeks (despite the strenuous efforts of those who support the theory of global warming to prevent its release). The DVD version will be an expanded and improved version of the film broadcast in the UK on Channel Four. A great deal more interview material has been added, covering a broader range of subjects than was possible in the broadcast film..

However, we urge those interested in hearing the case against the theory of man made global warming to dig deeper. The main purpose of this site is to point people towards key scientific papers, books and other relevant material.

We have received literally thousands of emails scientists and others expressing their support and encouragement. These emails are also often very useful, steering us towards new studies in many different areas. Please keep sending them.

The email address is:"

If we could cease and desist all carbon producing activity by human beings all over the world we would only reduce earth's emissions by 14%. That simply doesn't touch it. What we need to do is cap the volcanos and eliminate forest fires to begin to make an impact.

But now let's approach the issue really simplisticly. First, global warming does occur -- yes, it's been going on (and off) since the end of the last Ice Age. Things that truly do affect it are volcano eruptions, forest fires, etc. C'est, as the French like to say, la vie!

Anyone who has studied earth science knows that it's cyclical. In fact, much of life is cyclical from seasons to women's periods to a 24-hour day -- even diseases. ABC News Science Editor Michael Guillen has pointed out the absurdity of "scary headlines" about the hottest weather in 120 years of record-keeping. "It would be like this," Guillen said, "If I watched you for 70 seconds, monitored your body for 70 seconds, and used that information to determine what your body's going to do for the rest of your life, that's pretty much what we're doing right now with [temperature] records." And anyone who watches ABC news knows they're one of the greatest supporters of the global warming panic hype.

I think the worst thing about it all, however, is the name calling the Democrats and pseudoscientist do about those who disagree with them. They accuse dissenting scientist of supporting the oil companies for profit -- another inaccurate generalization unsupported by anything as mundane as fact.

So please don't panic. Do "go green" but not because you believe you can affect the atmosphere. Do it because it's healthy and it's better for the earth. But don't do it to stop something you can't stop.