Thursday, August 19

Well, I Tried........

It's not that I haven't been keeping up.
I have.

It's that I haven't put my blogging as a top priority. I think I'll do that now -- at least a blog a week --and I think I'll cover subjects other than politics even though politics is still my favorite subject!

For now, though, I've been thinking:

There is no doubt to anyone who has seriously studied the history of our nation that although some of the founders were not Christians (the political founders, that is) the original founders -- the Puritans, etc. -- were most definitely Christians and came here to start a Christian nation.

Seems to me that Christians have inadvertently caused the problems we have now.

Look at it this way: Christians try to be accepting, forgiving and loving. They try to be an inclusive society. (Now don't get off the subject by pointing out that Christians throughout history and even today sometimes are far less than accepting, forgiving and loving. That's so but serious Christians try hard to be those things in their every day lives.) They welcome "sinners" because we are all sinners and need to help each other.

So what has happened to this nation (and to many of our Protestant denominations) is that the people have accepted those who do not espouse Christian morality and ethics into our midst, hoping that by example Christians will win them over. Now please don't consider this a slam against other religions. It's intended as a slam against all those who would sneer at Christian concepts and deny the basis of our heritage.

Christians are even willing to live and let live but that's been one-sided. The society has turned against the founding principles and Christians are learning that being accepting and tolerant is not a two-way street. Showing non-Christians "The Way" hasn't produced results and the "progressive liberal" element takes full advantage of their status as citizens to turn the nation away from Christianity with hatred and viciousness. and the dailyKos as well as the Huffington Post are examples of hateful people spouting their evil and lies.

I recently read "American Wife" by -- I don't remember. Look it up. And I was shocked at the extremes to which liberals will go to call President Bush stupid. That's really what that book was all about. The bottom line, as it were. I was disgusted that someone would write their hatred with such transparency and, too, that a publisher would publish it. It's not surprising that The New York Times (who are totally irresponsible in their hatred of all Conservatives) would tout it as a "best seller." It's a shabby book and anyone with any sense of decency would be ashamed to author it. But liberals obviously think Conservatives are stupid and they can get away with stuff like that.

Oops I tried to get away from politics and it didn't work. You know, I really love this country and its history. I am proud to be a descendant of the only minister who signed the Declaration of Independence and to be the grandchild (no greats there) of a rebel soldier in the Civil War...and of a lot of other ancestors who did some pretty great things for this nation.

And I hate to see it turned into a European-like socialistic state. I don't understand why progressive liberals think that descendants of people who left European countries looking for freedom and the ability to earn their way to prosperity would ever accept a government-controlled "nanny" state.