Sunday, February 20

Money For Monster Michael Is Not The Issue

Thanks for the link, Cao.

Richard at Blogs for Terri writes:

February 19, 2005
Blogs For Terri Attack Plan -- Reminder
This is a reminder to all BlogsForTerri bloggers. The BlogsForTerri action plan has been posted below.

Please help to see that it is distributed to all of the members of the BlogsForTerri blogroll. The plan has been prepared by those of us that have direct contact with the Schindlers and that are closest to what is going on. We encourage Terri's bloggers to help us address the items in the plan and not lose focus or waste precious time by doing something that could be completely counter-productive to Terri's survival.

Money for Michael Schiavo is not the issue.

The issues that we can address pertain to the Legislature and public opinion. All three of these are addressed in the plan. Let the attorneys and the Schindlers deal with the financial matter. Things are going on behind the scenes that many are not aware of.

Stay the course, work together as a team, spend your talents and energies on the things that will do the most good. We need everyone's help, but we need everyone working together.

I wish I knew what "the things that will do the most good" are. I hope we're doing them.


deignan said...

Indeed, in multi-player gaming uncertainty is an essential aspect of the calulation. It has always been my assumption that there was a large amount of money at stake between the major players. Look at just the lawyer fees and the publicity.

However, there is a problem with two-player games (consider the US-DPRK negotiations). It is easy for one player to drive the other to the wall with continued extortion demands. In the multi-player game, this is not as easy as there is the risk that the extorted coalition will evaporate -- that any deal will fly off the table if the extortionist does not seize the bargain. Thus, the deal becomes an ultimatum.

On the other hand, there is also the requirement that when soliciting for a certain end, that the most direct means of obtaining that end be offered. All players are intelligent agents. Thus the issue becomes one of the credibility of the solicitor and the solicited

Please consider also the cost of the contingency plan. At this time, it does not compete with any other effort -- it is a fail safe only. This would only become problematic should the money pledged rise to a large amount so as to start a bidding war. That possibility is insignificantly likely and easy to control under these circumstances.

Sunnye T said...

You make a really great point, Deignan. I don't see any need for competition here, though -- if Schiavo would take the money, you would give him what you raised and the Schindlers would give him theirs.

The problem is, he doesn't seem to be interested in more money. They made their offer in October -- they offered all the money, freedom from legal claims and agreed to any agreement he wants and he still pursues death for Terry.

That what makes me look for another reason -- what else could he be afraid of? Surely he couldn't hate her enough to simply want her dead no matter what. ???

deignan said...

What a person says and what they believe are generally two different things in a two-player game. It is easier to get to the truth of a person's intentions when they are barraged by different propositions from independent sources.

The multi-player strategy has a way of cutting through smokescreens.

deignan said...

BTW, I don't control the pledges. The proposition is unique in that it is independent and only involves the transfer of monies if a verifiable agreement is reached.

So there would be no combining of funds as there are no funds to combine.

Sunnye T said...

I believe in what you're doing, Deig. I hope you've contacted the Schindler's attorneys to see if they have any objections (the law can get pretty invasive)and you're sure that making this offer isn't jeopardizing them in some way.

It's the Gibbs Law Firm in Seminole, FL --

deignan said...

A notification was sent to a pro-life party in FL that confirms that they are in contact with the family.

Sunnye T said...

This from Richard, who is the blogger who has been directing the help for Terri:
"Please post this in your comments for me. I am not a member of the
Blogger thing and I have had a heck of a time signing up and have
completely lost two lengthy messages.

"I am personally in touch with Bobby Schindler every single day,
sometimes more, and spoke to him about the "problem of Mr. Diegnan" only an hour ago. He asks that all of the BlogsForTerri team recognize that this is not the time for pontification or grandstanding or good intentions that are "180 degrees counter-productive" to what is going on
behind the scenes.

I have tried my best to convey to Mr. Diegnan, this being my last time, what he has done has resulted in hours of time wasted by many of us that are spending 14 hours a day on BlogsforTerri issues. I strongly resent having to take more time away from Terri and having to use it to quell
this money for Michael issue again.

This is the time to execute the plan and the details involved with it as they are released. Today we have a crush to get support for HB701 that could help save her life. Instead of working on that, I am taking my personal time to deal with this issue that Mr Diegnan has pushed in spite of my advising him of the problem he is creating, numerous times .
Enough is enough.

So one last time:
Contact info for the legislature and the Governor is at the site. Public opinion and political pressure as well as political support are our most effective tools.

Bobby Schindler has asked to please not get involved in the financial issue with Michael - very, very, counter-productive. We are in touch with the Schindlers on a daily basis. He asks that we follow the plan and execute like crazy!

It would be nice if Mr Diegnan could refrain from these interruptions and focus his energies on helping in the team effor.

Richard / Hyscience and BlogsForTerri"

deignan said...

I sent off an e-mail to that address asking for clarification/explanation.

I'll leave it at that.

Sunnye T said...

I think that's fair enough! Thanks, Deignan.

deignan said...

" Things are going on behind the scenes that many are not aware of. "

At this point it is fair to ask, "What is going on?"

What is not ethical is to ask strangers for help without full disclosure.