Thursday, October 13

Raising Cain

My daughter, Teena, recently asked me what interests me about Herman Cain (for President). I really enjoyed sitting down and noting the things about him that have caught my attention:

I think the two things I most like about him are, first: He's not a politician. That will be a disadvantage to some extent because he will have to learn how to handle Congress but I suspect that even the new Congress is so sick of the status quo that they may be more willing to work with him if he's elected.

He is someone who knows economics and knows how to create jobs. He has a long history of taking companies (there were two others before Godfather's Pizza but the press is ignoring that) and turning them into profitable ventures.

I don't like his tax plan as much as I do the Fair Tax but he's the only one serious about getting rid of the current tax code. We have to get rid of that mess -- no one really understands it, not even the IRS. But the IRS has the power to enforce any interpretation of it that they choose in any given situation.

I like his position on immigration: Secure the borders and effectively use and enforce the immigration policies that are already on the books. (He has been falsely accused of promoting a "Wall of China surrounded by moats filled with alligators." That's not what he said, although if it kept the drug runners out, that wouldn't be a bad idea!!!

I love the fact that he's a black man, and a brilliant, successful one to boot. He's an example of what this country is at it's best: a place where a person whose ancestors and even family rose from oppression to the ultimate in success. He is walking, living proof that the Negro race is just as good as the other races. (As is Bill Cosby, by the way.)

I think he has the ability to surround himself with people who know the things he doesn't (he's a little short in the military department, for example). He has said if he wouldn't send his own children to a particular war zone, he wouldn't send someone else's.

I like his views on education, too. He believes in incentives for teachers and in getting the Federal government out of education. He thinks individual communities should have control over their own schools without union and/or government intervention.

I don't even know his views on abortion or homosexuality because those issues just aren't as important to me as the other things! But I'm sure I'll disagree with him about some things. I'm also sure that he believes in listening to the American people and that we wouldn't ever see a bill passed on his insistence that everyone could "find out what's in it after we pass it." (That's a Nancy Pelosi quote.)

I believe he would be a strong President on the International stage. He wouldn't apologize for America's mistakes (and yes, we've made mistakes and will continue to make them -- but I suspect we'll make fewer under him.

He believes in developing American energy resources on all levels but not through Federal funding. He would encourage getting rid of irresponsible environmental regulations and encourage not only drilling but American industry in developing alternative energy -- without resorting to government subsidies like ones for corn to promote ethanol production!

He's a good guy, but the media is going to crucify him. He served in the Dept of the Navy but has been criticized for not serving in the military. (They never mentioned that about Obama.) He's also been criticized for not participating in Civil Rights marches -- but he was under 18 at the time and a high school student! The best thing we could do for this country is to pass a law saying that the media can report only facts, never opinion as fact. Can you imagine the hue and cry against that? Reporters now operate on the assumption that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

Anyway, that's why I like him.

Sunday, March 27


So now we learn that some of the rebels in Libya are members of Al Quaeda! Surprise, surprise. (Click on the title to see the article).

Would someone like to explain to me why Obama, without consulting Congress, bombs Libya to keep a militant dictator from killing his own people in the streets when he turned away from Ahmadinejad when he did it in Iran?

Saturday, January 22

The Best Thing on the Web

Thanks to my smart daughter, I just discovered

This is going to be fun.

If you'd like to try it out, try this

Wake UP

I simply HAVE to wake up and blog! There's so much going on out there that it's really hard to stay silent.

After years of hearing people like Bill Maher and Jeanene Garofola call President Bush a liar and stupid and even calling for his assassination (which was seen often on the Daily Kos), not to mention the thorough assassination through outright lies and refusal to report the truth about Sarah Palin and what she did for Alaska (not to mention the disgusting attacks on her children), the "intellectual" left self-styled progressives put on their halos and most innocent looks while they characterize everyone -- not just Fox News and "tea partiers" as uninformed, stupid and useless.

They are tireless. And I wonder sometimes if they're correct when I see Obama's ratings climbing when he does a quick soft-shoe (suddenly agreeing to extend the Bush tax reforms after years of campaigning against them, for example, and pretending to "compromise" with the newly-elected conservative members of Congress) to look like he's listening to the people. There's not a sincere bone in that man's body. He's just charming. So what? So is George Clooney but he's not smart enough to run the country. Heck, he's not even a serious actor!

Obama is having a great time in the White House. While nearly half of America is jobless and fighting for their lives, he's hopping all over the country in Air Force One and throwing big parties for foreign leaders who are at least smart enough to travel on commercial transportation (even if the goods they ship to the US are shoddy -- heck, we buy them and don't complain. We get what we deserve!)

Obama is slowly but surely propagandizing the American people into thinking they can't take care of themselves. He's controlling our speech because some idiot nutcase shot up a shopper's parking lot -- but when another idiot killed our troops on a military base, he barely said a word and the media certainly didn't hesitate to "target" conservatives.

Maybe the entire nation is sick -- Obamamania is certainly an invasive and dangerous virus.

My Review of Triple Basket Deep Fryer

Originally submitted at Brylane Home

Fry different foods at once! Cool-touch stainless design comes with 3 baskets: a jumbo for big batches, plus 2 side-by-side baskets for smaller batches. Immersion element preheats and recovers oil temperature quickly. Adjustable thermostat, ready light, odor filter, detachable, easy-clean 4½-lt....

You people must be kidding

By Sunnye from Bellevue, NE on 1/22/2011


1out of 5

Cons: Flimsy construction, Poor quality

Describe Yourself: Avid Cook

Made in China! This is just another example of the junky products we keep getting from China and certainly is testament to buying American only. In the first place, it's flimsy -- the top doesn't fit, the controls don't work and the cord doesn't attach to the body of the machine.

This is a piece of junk and I'm not going to even spend the money to send it back -- it goes in the trash and I will certainly think twice before I ever buy another appliance online. You can only tell how good the construction is by seeing it first-hand.