Wednesday, February 3


Okay. I've given Obama plenty of time to show what he really is. And it looks like he's someone who is going to have his way whether the American people want him to or not. It looks like he doesn't know a thing about American history, American values or the American constitution. Since he taught constitutional law at one point I'd rather think he's stupid rather than think he truly wants to turn us away from our heritage and our laws.

However, the way he's behaving, it looks to me like he wants to be ruler of the world and the best way he's come up with to do that is to destroy America economically, and he's well on his way down that path.

I wish the "birthers" would settle down. A child born to a person who is an American citizen is also an American citizen, no matter where he is born. We learned that in 7th grade civics. Obviously taking civics out of the classroom has left a certain number of our population ignorant of some basics.

What we should be asking is, for example, where's the proof that Obama is intelligent? Other than the media says so, that is. Why can't we see his grades? Where are the papers he wrote in the colleges he attended? Where is the evidence for the claim that he's above average in intelligence and in accomplishments?

We should be demanding that he back off on his use of Air Force One. Traveling to Williamsburg and to Baltimore in that airplane is stupid. Taking one trip after another to communities in the USA when he could conference with them on the computer is wasteful. His lifestyle in the White House (and the fact that he and Michelle need to "get away") shows a pitiful lack of sophistication.

We should insist that he learn to be a President instead of acting like a spoiled, narcissistic brat who has fancy toys to play with for the first time in his life.

As for Obama, he should quit whining about the challenge he was given (he asked for it) and quit making things worse.

Know what's even worse? The fact that we elected him to THE major office in the country without requiring him to earn it reflects on our intelligence as a people. That we allow him to lie to us again and again without fear of some sort of retaliation reflects more on us than it does on him.

So we have made our bed and now we have to lie here for another year before we can begin to get him (and his ilk) out of there.