Sunday, February 27

This Is So Special

I received this note last week and it is so special that I want everyone to see it. It's a story of trust, faith, persistence and courage. I know you'll love it...


I just wanted to tell you that I admire your persistence in fighting
for Terri. I know that I can always go to GOPInsight for new
developments, and your story of your son touched my heart.

In 1996, I became pregnant during a rape. Due to complications, I was
advised to terminate my pregnancy. I refused all the way through. He
was born dead after being trapped in the birth canal and strangled by
the umbilical cord, but they resuscitated him. The social workers
told me that he needed to be institutionalized, that he may have
cerebral palsy after being deprived of oxygen. He needed a
craniectomy at 2 months to stop his seizures. They tried everything
to make me give up my son. I kept him, prayed for him every day, and
believed that my God could work a miracle.

Today, Alex is almost 8. He is happy, healthy, and at the top of his
first-grade class - reading at a fourth-grade level. He's my miracle
baby, and every day I wonder how much joy I would have missed out on
had I given him up, or terminated the pregnancy.

People like Terri deserve our compassion, our love, and our prayers -
but most importantly, they deserve someone who's willing to stand up
and fight for them. They can't do it themselves. Thank you for
keeping the faith - and for continuing to fight.

God bless you.


Kit Lange


Rick Moran said...

I linked to this very touching and inspring letter:

Sunnye T said...

It is grand, isn't it. It's bound to help someone, I'm sure of it.