Thursday, May 13

From a Gentle Heart

Just finished reading Laura Bush's Spoken From the Heart. Lovely book, lovely life. And surprising to me. I'm a fairly political creature -- keep up with the news via CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox so I know pretty much what's going on. I was amazed at what Laura Bush accomplished during her White House years.

Of course I knew she founded the annual book fair in D.C. because I've been an avid watcher of those on C-Span since the very first one. And I knew some of her work in literacy in the US but had no idea she was so involved in Afghanistan, Africa and Burma. She certainly did not waste her time or her influence as First Lady.

The book is calm and lovely, just like she is personally. I would have ranted at the unjust treatment she suffered not only for herself but for her husband -- quietly putting up with the lies and slander and all the viciousness rained upon them by the left. It hurt and her pain is evident in the book but she keeps it subdued and calm. That, it seems to me, makes the sensitive reader completely empathetic to her and her situation. I know I experienced a sense of real anger when she casually mentioned an archivist at a museum who pointed out a dress of Jackie Kennedy's and compared it to one Mrs. Bush had worn, saying the color Kennedy chose was more tasteful that Mrs. Bush's choice.

She does take Nancy Pelosi to task for calling her husband stupid and she does it in a lady-like way, describing her hurt and pointing out that Pelosi (and Reid, who was equally ugly in his own way) continued to be invited (and to accept those invitations) to the White House. That takes an immense amount of Christian courage and class -- and it shows those two up as the tacky and stupid idiots that they truly are.

It's a lovely book, quiet and dignified -- a gentle voice of crystal clarity in the midst of the cackling cacaphony of our present political cesspool.