Monday, February 21

Petition the President for Terri Schiavo

Click on the above title to Petition President Bush to save Terri Schiavo. Since the report in the Empire Journal saying that Judge Greer had issued a stay until after a hearing turned out to be untrue, a request to the President of the United States would seem to be "the last straw."

Since Terri proved that she wants to live by actually rising from her chair and standing for a few moments when an attorney told her that she would die if she didn't stand up, this is no time for her supporters to give up.

Please sign the petition at and give Terri what may be her last chance to live.


Amber Lynn said...

I signed the iPetition. Does it work?

Sunnye T said...

Yes, it works. We just need more names -- tell everyone you know to please sign it.

Amber Lynn said...

It's on my post now!

Sunnye T said...

Thank you, Amber. We know we're doing our best!

Amber Lynn said...

How do we know how many people have signed?