Thursday, February 10

Kansas City Star Letter to Editor Feb. 10, 2005

This letter to the editor in the KC Star today really warmed my heart so I thought I would share it with you. It's headlined "Sharing Iraqis' joy."

The piece begins: "I thought you would like a real firsthand account of the happiness of the Iraqis' on their first voting day. My daughter, Erin Boyle, a teacher at the US Army post in Bamberg, Germany, wrote this email to me:"
January 29, 2005
Dear Mom,
Today was a remarkable day. On the train from Bamberg to Munich, we met up with some Iraqis. We had heard them clapping and dancing around in the back of the train. They were quite entertaining, so I began to watch them. They had a flag, so we thought they were maybe a soccer team or something. At one point, I got (a friend's) recorder and taped them. They smiled and waved. . .They told us that they were celebrating their first voting experience with Saddam gone. They were so happy. There were about 20 of them, all men. We sang and danced and clapped with them. It was so amazing to be part of that. . . They said they loved Americans. To tell Mr. Bush "Thank You." It gave me a completely new perspective to see it first hand. . .They were voting right outside Olympic Park, which is where we were heading, too. "It's a new day," they said. How amazing to experience history first hand.
Love from your daugher,

The letter is signed "Kara Hawkins."
How great to share that moment -- in Germany, which didn't help take Iraq from Hussein -- with Americans, who did.

The invasion of Iraq was, without a doubt, the bravest step toward World Peace that has ever been taken.

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Nick J. said...

Yeah, it was indeed a great day for the world.