Tuesday, June 17

Obama's Dangerous Ignorance

"The Bush Administration's failure to be consistently involved in helping Israel achieve peace with the Palestinians has been both wrong for our friendship with Israel, as well as badly damaging to our standing in the Arab world."
Barack Obama

Obama is sickeningly ignorant of the diplomatic progress that has been made by the Bush administration over the past seven years. Just recently the Arabs (with whom the Democrats have roundly criticized President Bush for dealing and consorting) announced their readiness to revive a peace initiative with Israel. That's a long way from their "no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it."

"The offer of peace with all 22 Arab states (except perhaps Libya, which is not attending the summit meeting), the prospect of ending all claims and having "normal relations" with the Arab countries sounds enticing. It was exactly what Israelis have hoped for all along" writes UPI Israel Correspondent in Jerusalem Joshua Brilliant. And all this has come about as a direct result of the Bush Administration's diplomatic efforts.

Obama has served less than one term in Congress and during that partial-term was not privy to the diplomatic efforts of the current administration. He speaks of things he knows nothing of and expects a gullible America to vote for him.

Sunday, June 1

McCain, Obama and the GI Bill: Lying by Omission

It really makes me angry when the Democrats shortchange our troops. This just happened with the passage of the Webb-Hagel GI Bill last week. President Bush and Sen. McCain both opposed the bill, while Obama and his ilk supported it. But look what they did:

McCain sponsored S. 2938, the Graham-Burr-McCain Bill, which was intended to expand those benefits in a far more beneficial way than the Webb-Hagel Bill
that passed.
The McCain bill would have allowed military personnel to attend
college debt-free and those benefits could have been passed to spouses and
children if necessary. It would have encouraged service members to continue
careers by expanding the benefits according to length of service. The Webb
bill does none of those things.
Chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee Liebermann and
Secretary of Defense Gates supported the McCain bill over the Webb bill.
Gates said, “This legislation does not meet, and, in some respects, is in
direct variance to the Department’s . . . stated objectives. . . .”
Sen. Reid blocked the McCain bill from the Senate floor so there would be no discussion of it. With no discussion, the American people don't even know about it unless they take the time to find out for themselves and most people don't bother. Also with no discussion and counting on the ignorance of the people, the Dems can do what they've been doing -- accusing Sen. McCain and President Bush of not supporting our troops.
So once again the Democrats have provided second-best to our military as they jockey for more power.
The New York Times article of the same date is simply the poor,
biased journalism we’ve come to expect from “All the news that fits, we