Saturday, February 19

Regarding Monster Michael

Frustration deepens in Schiavo case. Bloggers who have sympathized and empathized and agonized over this case are getting more and more desparate -- and these are people who don't even know Terri. Imagine what her parents are suffering!

Paul Deignan has the idea that raising money to pay Michael Schiavo off might make it possible to free Terri from her monster husband.
It seems clear to me at least that the motivation of the "husband" was originally monetary and is now both monetary and pride. If offered enough money (something over $50,000), would the "husband" relinquish custody of Terri to her parents? I will put forward $100 myself to test this idea.

If anyone else is interested, reply in comment here with your proper e-mail address, name, and amount you are willing to make available by PayPal to the Schlindlers or a third-party trust for this offer. We will go through the logistics of collecting and offering the money Monday should we reach an amount pledged of over $60,000. The money would not we collected unless the offer would be accepted by all parties involved.

Please be assured that you will only be asked to make good on your pledge should we have a workable proposition where trust is verifiable to all. Naturally, this is at the cost of some privacy (name, amount, and e-mail). That is a facet of the proposition.

I would like to encourage discussion here about this idea.

My first reaction is utter repulsion but on second thought, everything about this case is deeply repulsive and Terri has the right to live -- a right guaranteed to her by the Constitution of the United States. Since the courts won't honor that right and her parents have tried everything else, perhaps paying off Monster Michael is simply the last great hope.

One thing for sure, Michael won't take any money, no matter how much, if his fear is what I suspect it is: That Terri will remember that he tried to murder her and will communicate that fact to her family, who would then bring the Monster up on attempted murder charges.

The way Terri got into a coma in the first place coupled with all of Monster Michael's behavior since then has led me to believe that this is his fear -- attempted murder charges. If that IS the case, there's not enough money on earth to pay him off and Terri will die.

Her parents have certainly tried everything to let him off the financial hook to get Terri back. On October 26, 2004, their attorney wrote a settlement letter to Monster Michael promising that if he would divorce her and give her back to her parents:
1. The Schindlers would never seek any money from Michael. He could retain any monies or other assets that might remain to him, either from their married life together, from the malpractice awards for himself or for Terri, or any other assets he might have received in the past. They would not seek any financial help from him for any care, therapy, or rehabilitation for Terri.

2. The Schindlers fully understand and appreciate that Michael now has a new life with Jodi and their two children. If he would desire to divorce Terri, the family would sign any necessary legal documents to assure Michael that, upon Terri's natural death, he would receive any of Terri's estate that he would inherit were he to remain her husband. Whether or not Michael would choose to pusue a divorce from Terri, the Schindlers would guarantee that he could retain whatever visiting rights he might desire with Terri for the rest of her life.

3. The Schindlers would permit Michael's attorneys to draft any agreement regarding this matter that Michael would desire, including the above referenced terms and any other terms he and his attorneys would find appropriate, excluding payment of Michael's previous legal fees or costs.

Now that Michael is a father himself, the Schindlers are pleading with him to consider their love for their daughter and sister and to permit them to take over Terri's care, with their blessings on Michael as he continues to live his own life with his new family.

As far as I can tell, Monster Michael ignored this and continues to nip at Terri's legal heels like the attack dog he is. If indeed he is guilty of attempting to murder her, he will pursue this until she is dead. If he is innocent of such a charge, he will back off, divorce Terri, and get on with his life.


Caoilfhionn said...

I'd like to see an investigation as to what happened to Terri and what was the trauma to her neck when she collapsed? I think he should be at least investigated for attempted murder.

As far as buying him off, he has already received $1.6 million, and he's using $800,000 that was reserved for Terri's medical care for his legal bills to fight for her death. I despise this man, but I also despise every person that's helping him. Most importantly, Judge Greer.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with you on all points, Caolithionn. If it's true that "what goes around, comes around" I sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes. It's just that everyone who cares about truth, justice and the American way (I couldn't resist!) is looking for any straw to help save her, We are down to the wire here -- Tuesday (the 22nd)is the day they will begin their slow, painful murder of Terri.

Caoilfhionn said...

I'm aware of the timeline, but we should be focusing on things that can help. Buying off Michael isn't one of the possibilities, as Richard at Hyscience wrote...ReminderThere was a blogger who was raising money so Richard had to level set that idea.

Paul Deignan said...

This is a great discussion. The essential problem is that if the assessment of the husband's character is spot on, then he should be expected to pursue a course that will maximize his financial gain. That seems to be the course he has been on so far.

If so, then he can be expected to drive the Shindlers to the wall. The legal system has them very nearly trapped.

If they want to minimize their eventual payout to the husband, then they need to consider the power of multi-player gaming. This is exactly the problem that we had with the negotiations with North Korea and the reason why the six party talks are essential.

Paul Deignan said...

BTW, I think the fear that Terri will be used in a prosecution is a red herring. The likelihood of this (the threat to the husband if this were actually true), is absolutely insignificant.

All it does is to make the bargaining harder at the benefit of possibly duping people into hating this guy. Hate is never an emotion that good folks should try to mobilize.

Let's not speculate where there is no proof.

Unknown said...

This is great, Deignan. Thanks for your help, and for Cao's.

No, I wouldn't want to incite people to hate Schiavo...but to suspect him of ulterior motives that he hasn't revealed.

He isn't a government- the issue isn't really multi-faceted like government negotiations are. At this point, when money hasn't made a difference, it's time to ferret out exactly what would.

I hear your warning about hatred and agree with you 100 percent. So I'll quit calling him Monster -- but there's something else there, Deignan, something we don't know about.