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Taking A Good, Hard Look at Michael Schiavo

You may or may not remember that Michael Schiavo is Terri's husband.

Terri Schiavo is the young woman who was discovered near death under mysterious circumstances in her home in 1990. She has been in a near-coma ever since but is now able to communicate by blinking an eye once or twice in answer to questions. She recognizes friends and relatives when they come into her room and responds appropriately (but within her serious limitations)to stimuli. She reacts lovingly to her parents but in sheer terror to her husband.

Michael Schiavo is trying to legally murder her. He has gotten a court order to have her feeding tube (which keeps her alive since she can't swallow) removed on February 22. Terri's parents are fighting for her life. Their latest move, and possibly last hope, is a petition to the US Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, back at Michael: ever since he won a couple of lawsuits (nearly $2 million worth), he has done everything he could to get rid of Terri. First he refused to allow her to have therapy recommended by her doctors -- and he has refused consistently for the past 15 years. When she got sick, he posted a notice on her door saying "Do Not Resuscitate." Once he asked a nurse, "Isn't the bitch dead yet?"

"The funds that were ordered to be used for her rehabilitation are instead being used to facilitate her death. Although the money was supposed to be for rehab for Terri, it has also been used for Michael's own interests, including his mistress and the two children he has had with her over the years."

Now, in his latest move, Michael Schiavo is suing Terri's parents (the Robert Schindlers) who are fighting to keep her alive)to keep them from showing video streams on the Internet that show Terri interacting with nurses and family. He is also directing a lawsuit against moneys contributed to Terri's cause via the Internet, charging that the Schindler's have not provided an accounting as directed by Florida law..

Euthanasiaadvocate George Felos of Dunedin, Fla. has been representing Michael Schiavo in a decade-long legal battle in which Schiavo seeks to cause the death of his wife, Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo, by a court order which would result in her death by starvation and dehydration. Schiavo is the legal guardian despite having allegedly violated numerous provisions of the guardianship law including the filing of an annual guardianship report and plan.

Informed sources say that the DACA investigation (of the Schindlers) was prompted by attorneys representing Michael Schiavo, attorneys which apparently are practicing a double standard by demanding the filing of an annual report by the Schindlers although their client has failed to file the annual reports required of him as guardian. Such would appear to suggest that Felos and Bushnell may be more interested in Terri’s financial support than they are in her life support and health care.

While the Schindlers and others involved in the Schiavo case have long requested a criminal investigation into the actions of Michael Schiavo and others in the case, they have been stonewalled at every turn. However, it appears that the husband’s attorneys had no problem in pulling strings to get state officials to take action against the Schindlers for a paperwork snafu.

Everything seems to go against Terri -- because Michael Schiavo uses the money intended to save her to move the system toward killing her. And it certainly does not speak well for the State of Florida, even though to be fair, we must admit that Gov. Bush has done his best to help save Terri.

Michael Schiavo has reached a new low in villaindom. His name may forever be associated with coldhearted, slow and painful murder. How horrible to die by Schiavo.

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