Friday, October 8

The Long Kerry Night

We're back from traveling again -- and talking to folks across the Midwest about the election. This one's going to be close, folks.

I have so many reasons for opposing John Kerry for President.

Hubby and I can't afford him because we're retired and living on a fixed income. Reading through all his pie-in-the-sky programs is frightening because each and every one must be paid for. That means higher taxes in spite of what he promises.

More money will go to schools again, as in past years, but without the accountability the No Child Left Behind Act requires. That program has worked where educators have used it; and the teachers and administrators who haven't used it (there are still $$$$$$$ unclaimed in the program) are the ones who complain the most about it.

It won't affect us because the guys in our family are already serving; but John Kerry promises to send 40,000 more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan (check his campaign speeches). That means a draft -- there's no other way to come up with that many divisions.

The worst experiences I've had throughout my life were caused by government thinking it knew better than I what was best for me. John Kerry believes in and will do everything he can to promote those kinds of government programs. GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

John Kerry reminds me of Lyndon Johnson. This campaign is just like the Goldwater/Johnson campaigns in 1964 -- deja vu all over again, as Yogi B says. Kerry is simply lying on so many counts; from claiming that he could have done better in the war and saying Pres. Bush lied about WMDs to the country when Kerry did the exact same thing -- from the same "intelligence."

Kerry's people continually accuse the Bush campaign (and NPR did a horribly unbalanced "report") on "The Bush campaign is charting dangerous new ground in its efforts to exclude non-Bush supporters from Bush events. There have been numerous stories of people being blocked or ejected because they were wearing Kerry buttons or T-shirts." Well, guess what, folks. Each and every one of those people was shouting and disrupting the events. Others who weren't disruptive were left alone.

And, PEOPLE, the current unemployment rate the Dems are yelling about is lower than it was when Clinton ran for his second term. Look up the stats.

When Lyndon Johnson won the 1964 election the US descended into a time of truly oppressive government and a losing war -- lost not because the US couldn't win, but because of people like John Kerry and civilians who wouldn't listen to the military.

There's only one great thing about a Kerry win. If he does, he'll lead us into heavy taxation and lose a war; he'll never get a second term and Hillary will have lost her chance at the Presidency because the country will take a conservative turn unlike any every seen before.

You heard it here first.

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