Friday, October 29

Kerry Howls in the Wind

It's hard to believe that intelligent, educated Americans can't see through John Kerry. I think they're just lazy -- too willing to believe what they want to hear (and Kerry is great at telling them just that) and not at all willing to check for themselves to find out what's true and what isn't.

Of course it's hard to find the truth. Take this latest issue -- that of the missing weapons in Iraq that Kerry says is evidence of a mismanaged war. Why should anyone be surprised if caches of weapons are missing? War isn't a stage play where the actors walk on, do as they're directed, then walk off. There's a reason for the term "fog of war."

There are plenty of possible scenarios. One, and to me the most reasonable, is that the really dangerous weapons (the WMDs) were transported out of Iraq shortly before our invasion. That would explain the trucks photographed by our spy satellites and the fact that there were still weapons on the sites when the shipments were finished.

Another scenario is that our troops destroyed the most visible weapons as per the testimony of Maj. Pearson, who says the 3rd Army destroyed some 250 tons of weapons found at that site.

Even if many of those weapons did wind up in the hands of the terrorists (and I don't believe for one minute that they did AFTER our forces found them), what's so surprising about that. We know terrorists are being supplied with manpower as well as weaponry from Syria and Iran. I'm sure the war planners were very aware of that possibility and have planned accordingly.

Kerry is just howling in the wind -- he doesn't seem to have any interest in truth (indeed, he doesn't seem to know what that is, or if he does, he doesn't seem to have any regard for it). And there is the crux of this story: Kerry shows his hysterical nature by taking a headline and running with it. He doesn't wait to find out what happened, he puts his own spin on it and begins his howl.

No one knows what happened yet. That's not surprising. There's a lot going on over there. A responsible candidate would wait and watch before he spoke. Kerry accuses the President of going to war too soon (after 10 years of waiting for Hussein to comply to UN directives) yet he jumps on the nearest bandwagon without waiting to find out what really happened.

But the really sad thing is: It looks like the American people simply blow in the wind without bothering to look for the facts. If you're blowing with the wind, the howling seems more important than it truly is.

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