Monday, October 18

The Deed is Done -- I Voted Today

We voted today and I got my usual high from the process.

I don't know why it is, but whenever I come home from travels overseas and see the American flag flying over US soil, I get all emotional, weepy and grateful to be an American. I get the same reaction when I vote. It happened again today.

This is the second day polls have been open in Kansas and we thought we'd just dash in, vote and be on our way. Not so fast! We stood in line!! Things proceeded efficiently and we were out of there within a half hour, riding the aforementioned high and thanking God that people are turning out.

It's my firm conviction that the more people who vote, the more likely we are (as a nation) to get it right. Of course I believe that President Bush is the best man for the job because of his record, I'm willing to concede that I have been wrong before. I did, in youthful innocence, vote for Jimmy Carter! But the mistakes of the past don't need to be revisited here.

It bothers me to know that some people vote on things like the way a candidate handles him/herself in a debate -- that's about as shallow a reason to support someone as I can think of. Unless, of course, you vote because you like his wife or his family or...whatever. All of that is superficial nonsense.

What counts is his character and his record. We need a man who will do his best and who is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to do the job. President Bush has done that -- and in the process he has chalked up a record to run on. Four more years of his kind of Presidency is just what we need.

Kerry's Senate record is less than distinguished. If Kerry wins, though, he'll be my President. You won't see me at a Republican convention with a black arm band that reads "My President is George Bush." And I'll give him the respect due to his office. If he falters, I'll be the first to scream at him. If he succeeds, I'll gratefully praise him.

But I don't think Mr. Kerry can do the job. He is too ambitious and too self-centered. He judges success by dollar signs and his principles are whatever seems expedient. As a man he compares to President Bush as a kitten compares to a lion.

But soon we'll know....

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