Tuesday, October 26

Confidence in the polls?

AOL came up with something new this morning. They took a poll of members, asking "How much confidence do you have in the voting process this year?"

About the results, they write: "More than half in the poll, 54 percent, say they think the vote count in Florida was not fair and accurate, with Republicans overwhelmingly saying it was and Democrats overwhelmingly saying it was not. Independents say by a 2-to-1 margin that it was not fair."

As for myself, I'm concerned enough to sign up to work at the polls on election day. As you know, I'm an avid Bush supporter but I will not stand for any manipulation of the results by either party if I have anything to say about it. The idea of John Kerry becoming President scares me as much as it did 40 years ago to have Lyndon Johnson elected President. I was right then and I'm right now. But we'll take our punishment like Americans if we get stuck with Kerry; just like we did with Johnson. However, he won't get in illegally (like Johnson did -- ask me!) if I can help it.

My county seems to have pretty good safety measures in place. Having worked as a Republican in a Democratic county, however, I am aware that not all counties are careful. In fact, in all my years of election experience, the only cheaters I've ever seen were Democrats. That, in fact, had a lot to do with my joining the Republican party when I decided I wanted more of a voice than I could get being an Independent voter.

The important thing, however, is that we all get behind whoever is elected President. When the election is final, I hope we won't have anymore like we saw at the Democratic convention and have heard from the media for the past four years.

On the other hand, I'm as sure it won't happen if the Democrats win as I am sure it will if the Republicans win.

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