Friday, September 10


Winston Churchill said something to the effect that if a person wasn't a liberal when he was young, he had no heart and if he wasn't a conservative when he got old, he had no brains. When I was young, I was extremely independent and as I get older I lean more and more toward the conservative.

I decided long ago that it was important to make a committment to a party so I could be more effective and because most of the politicians I support seemed to be Republicans. So I'm a registered Republican. I search both parties, however, for candidates to support -- it's just that I can't seem to support many Democrats.

There are two things that bother me about Democrats: they don't hesitate to lie, and they blame the 2000 election on the Supreme Court, which means they haven't read the Constitution. The anger, especially from Mr. Gore, is unhelpful, unmannerly, and reflects on his sense of (or lack of) sportsmanship. When we all thought President Bush might lose, he was quiet and gentlemanly. If he had lost, I've no doubt he would have handled his disappointment with quiet dignity, as would most Republicans. In a recent poll, most Republicans said that should Kerry win, he would be their President. I feel the same, although I'll admit the disappointment (and fear for the future) would be bitter.

As for the lying -- it didn't begin with Mr. Clinton's lie to the Grand Jury, and it certainly didn't end there. They excuse themselves by considering politics a game in which the end justifies the means, but that's exactly what politics shouldn't be. When I see James Carville or Mr. Dubois or any of the others saying things I know aren't true and that they know aren't true, I know I could never support them or anything they supported.

This is my very first blog ever and I guess it shows!

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