Sunday, September 12

Nam vets are angry...and who can blame them!

John Kerry has finally pushed the Viet Nam vets to the wall and they are fighting back. Their rally on the Capital Grounds today was small but passionate. Kerry and his friends (like Dan Rather, who is guilty of perpetrating the lies Kerry spread about that war) are bound to reap the whirlwind they have sown.

The anger and reactions against patriotism lasted well into the 1980s. The first Gult War seems to have turned the nation in the direction of patriotism and 9/11 made a significant difference.

However, in 1985 when our son graduated from officer's school, I witnessed the very thing the Nam veterans lived with and wrote this poem:

Where Will You Be?

You snarl a slur at him as you slink down the street
with unkempt slouch,
Hair in Medusa strings, "peace" sign on filthy coat.
He hears, and with a surge of pride stands taller,
steps sharp,
head cropped, peace ribbons on his blues.

Where will you be
if the spectre rises once again
From its grave of tyranny, hellbent to bind
the people of the earth and chain us to its Stygian night?

He knows where he will be:
he will face Aresian Fury.
Eye-to-eye, face-to-face, breath to putrid breath.
Like David he will hurl the missile stone,
staring down soul-screaming horrors of War's wrath.

Perhaps to die.

Ah, but his kind have died before,
to keep you and your ilk free
To snarl a slur and slink away,
with unkempt slouch,
Hair in Medusa strings, "peace" sign on filthy coat.

John Kerry's Viet Nam war legacy is one of dishonor, whether or not he "won" decorations when he was there. When he trashed his fellow soldiers, sailors and marines, he caused unfathomable pain not only for that generation of warriors but for the next. I am ashamed that John Kerry calls himself an American.

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