Thursday, September 23

Kerry's Better World

Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press writes today, "Now the Kerry goals for the final weeks of the campaign start with shifting the media spotlight from Mr. Kerry's long and complex Senate record -- which Republicans have used to attack him as indecisive -- to Mr. Bush's own record as commander in chief. Mr. Kerry needs to move "from Kerry's flip-flops to Bush's flops," as one Democratic adviser puts it."

Kerry is a man caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. He can't run on his Senate record because it's a rotten one -- shallow and obviously self-aggrandizing. He can't stand on an issue because he's taken at least two sides on each. So he must concentrate on what he considers the President's "flops."

What John Kerry doesn't seem to understand is that the President's "flops" have made differences that are leading millions of people in the Middle East and in America to a better world. Not John Kerry's kind of better world but a truly better one.

The first and most important what he calls the President's "flops" is the war in Iraq. No, we didn't have to rid the world of Saddam Hussein after he played the UN for fools for over a decade; and the obvious conclusion from Kerry's position is that Kerry believes Hussein's reign was a better world. It logically follows then that it was all right for Libya to develop nuclear weapons -- that was Kerry's better world. Thousands of Iraqi citizens are dying in the fight for freedom but millions died for nothing under Hussein. But Mr. Kerry tells us that was a better world. Because we are fighting in Iraq, there is a chance for a democratic society in the Middle East -- but Kerry says it's the wrong war and without that chance we had a better world.

Kerry also thinks the President's education program "No Child Left Behind" (a bi-partisan effort, by the way)is a flop. Never mind that schools that used it are showing progress for the first time in decades. Never mind that the reason some schools never even tried it is that teachers and administrators didn't want to be held accountable. Kerry claims that the President didn't fully fund the program, and yet thousands of dollars lie unclaimed because school districts refused to try it.
Kerry believes in throwing millions of dollars at schools (a tactic that hasn't worked in 50+ years) will make a better world.

According to Pickler, Kerry also said "the president missed an opportunity to get foreign support during two days of diplomacy at the United Nations this week," conveniently forgetting the months of diplomacy leading up to the Iraq War and the many nations that support us and fight beside us today. Kerry seems to think the French are crucial to the welfare of our nation and yet a more-than-casual look at history shows us that other than the American Revolutionary War, the French have caused more American casualties than just about any other nation except Germany.
But Kerry tells us waiting for the French and the Germans to allow us to go to war, even to protect ourselves, would make a better world.

Kerry's problem is that he is and has always been totally narcissistic, from having a cameraman film him in the jungles of Viet Nam to switching (we won't call it flip-flopping) his stand on that war so he could appear before Congress and be interviewed by the media to things as trivial (but revealing) as breaking in the front of a line in Boston and saying to people in line who objected, "Don't you know who I am?"

Everything about John Kerry demonstrates a weak, shallow, selfish, ambitious man who cares only for money and power. And Kerry's "better world" is one of slavery and death for millions and cowardly retreat for a brave and noble nation.

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