Friday, September 24

Kerry Diplomacy

On Wednesday, Sept. 15 Theresa Kerry visited a volunteer center in New York City, watching while they packed supplies bound for disaster relief in the Caribbean. "Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids," she said. "Water is necessary, and then generators, and then food, and then clothes." Others might put food and water as the top priority but here we see Kerry diplomacy at work.

Then on Thursday, Sept. 23 John Kerry called the Prime Minister of Iraq a liar before Mr. Allawi had even left the country. Belittling the thanks Allawi rendered to the US for sacrificing on behalf of Iraq and its citizens, Kerry said "The prime minister and the president are here obviously to put their best face on the policy." So -- another example of Kerry diplomacy at work.

The USA can't afford Kerry Diplomacy in an already dangerous world.

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