Friday, April 14


I've seen interviews and TV reports lately decrying the "racism" of Americans for standing against the patronization of illegal immigrants. What a crock! This country is the LEAST racist when it comes to immigration of practically any in the world.

We've welcomed immigrants from all nations all over the world with no comment. We've had veritable invasions from Cuban and Viet Nam with no objections from our citizenry for many years now. Those immigrants have come here, learned our language and used our capitalistic system to prosper.

And thereby lies the difference! They assimilated. They came her to become Americans and we welcome people who love freedom and want to learn our way of life and become part of our national community.

One idiot said that our government never turned away Scots, English, Irish, Germans -- in effect, white immigrants. That simply is not so. Some people from those lands were rejected for many reasonsillness, criminal backgrounds, quotas, to name a few.

America has welcomed Mexicans. Those who come here legally, who learn our language and who are willing to learn our history and participate in our way of life have been welcomed for years. In my own family, I have cousins who are grandchildren of Mexican immigrants -- and one is serving his third tour of duty with the Marines in Iraq right now. They are a loved and treasured part of our family.

Those who label the protests against illegal immigration know what they are doing. They know they are lying but they see more profit in divisiveness than in working for a viable solution.

One interesting result, however: falsely using the "racism" charge weakens the effectiveness of that charge in time. That certainly can do no harm in the long run.

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