Tuesday, April 18

The 3/5 in Iraq

I don't know if this will copy as a live link or not. Please try it and see if it will work with your browser. It's the 3/5 Marines in Iraq.


The video is from my cousin. It simply shows what our media refuses to acknowledge



Because of how evil the amerinazis have made America, Jesus Christ has removed His blessing. Can't you tell? http://www.deanberryministries.org/index3.html

Sunnye T said...

No, I certainly can't tell. No terrorist attacks on US citizens since 2002, more jobs, stronger economy -- only the ill-informed and the US media trying to take down the President with their lies could think this country was anything BUT blessed.

87% of us claim to be Christians and a whole lot of us have active prayer lives that love and respect our Lord.

You are a sad, sad case.