Sunday, April 23

A "Heads Up" For the Faithful

If you're a faithful reader of Sunnyeside I have a tip for you. I don't think it will cause a major panic because I'm not one of the top bloggers, so I'll tell you what the media won't.

There's a major shortage of gasoline at the pumps back East -- notably at the Virginia shore. Gas stations are running short and it's hard to fill your tank.

Possibly this isn't being reported in the national media for fear of causing a panic. I'm sure there's no need to panic but you few loyal souls who read me might top off your tanks and keep them filled for a while.

We've cancelled our road trip and have bought plane tickets for our planned trip to New York and points South to Virginia next month. We had planned to drive but it's senseless to do that if we might get stuck somewhere.

There certainly is no reason to panic but there's every reason to take precautions. Some of us remember the shortages in the '70s, so best be prepared this time. We have a month's supply of food on hand and tomorrow I'll stock up on water (a useful precaution in Tornado Alley, anyway). Then we'll just watch to see what happens.

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