Wednesday, January 19

Living in Exciting Times

We have hooked up with Friends of Democracy to provide countrywide, ground-level news and information on Iraq's upcoming elections. The goal is to provide a more complete picture of Iraq's elections from the perspective of the Iraqi people. That way the American people will have a direct source (avoiding regular news sources who, shall we say, are not always reliable) to news concerning these world-changing elections.

Al-Sabah, Bagdad's newspaper reports today (January 19)
In a widest poll done by as-Sabah newspaper, several approximate indicators have been showed in reasons behind citizens participation in the elections, the largest number of Iraqi citizens are supporting the creation of an Iraqi government enjoys with sovereignty, hoping that the occupation will be ended and democracy will be realized while the largest number of citizens who subjected to the poll indicate that the elections must be fair and just, while citizens who put trust in police and national guard capability are less than those who trust in the Iraqi police and national guard capability to provide the necessary protection.

As-Sabah polls center had performed a poll for 870 citizens through casting three questions, the first one: why you join the elections, whereas 29% said for creating a sovereign government, while 26% citizens support the idea of foreign forces departure, 25% support realization of democracy, 12% support finding special constitution to Iraq, while 8% said we are participating in the elections for certain parties.

Concerning citizens' imaginations on elections fairness, 41% said elections will be fair, while 29% said they are not fair, while 30% rejected to give any opinion.

The poll clarified that 36% said that the Iraqi police and National Guard are incapable to protect elections' centers, while 28% said Iraqi police and National Guard are capable to protect centers and 16% prevented to give any statement.

The poll includes different segments of Iraqi public, 502 males and 368 females. The number of the male workers are 332, female workers are 198, 26 Kurdish, 5 Turkmen and two yezidis.

I'll keep you informed via these sources on election day, so stay tuned.

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