Wednesday, January 19

Kicked Off The List

I just experienced something that has never happened to me before on a Republican/Conservative list. Democrats/Liberals have kicked me off when I expressed my views, and I've come to expect that. I've taken a great deal of pride thinking that "red" groups are more willing to discuss issues with everyone and are more cautious about judging. In my experience until now, it's the so-called "right" people who are willing to discuss. I was wrong. Not so on the Federal Marriage Amendment list.

Now when I joined, I admit I was unequivocably in favor of a Constitutional amendment opposing gay marriage, although I rather resented the negativity of the stand. I would much more eagerly support an amendment affirming the union of man and woman as the only definition of marriage because it cuts straight to the problem and it's a positive approach. Positive approaches "sell" better than the negative.

Lately I've been doing some intensive reading on the Constitution and the result of that has been to make me far more protective of it. I don't think it should be changed for less than an earth-shaking issue.

It has also made me appreciate the reason for the separation of powers -- the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.

So I posted a note on the list that I questioned the need for the amendment, referring to the Republican tradition of states' rights -- i.e. the right of states to determine certain laws for themselves.

Instead of answering my post on the list, the leader sent me a message saying that I was excluded from the list and accused me of joining under false pretenses. I am hurt (for the accusation isn't true), insulted (because he obviously didn't think I was important enough to discuss this issue with me), and angry (a normal, human reaction to this kind of unfair treatment, especially from an uexpected source). I'll get over the anger by morning; the rest -- I'm not so sure.

Meanwhile, I definitely feel more negative toward the FMA than I did an hour ago. I'll do some more research before I blog against it, but I'm thinking I may not be as fair as I would have been!


Caleb Charles said...

Instead of answering my post on the list, the leader sent me a message saying that I was excluded from the list and accused me of joining under false pretenses.Eeeenteresting. Are the libertarians among us getting weeded from the hard core Reds? Hey, if you don't follow the Party line then you must be a mole? Sounds rather paranoid if you ask me. Say, what list was it anyway?

Sunnye T said...

The Federal Marriage Amendment list, Caleb. He feels he's right in kicking me off because I changed my mind. I guess he figures he has enough supporters so he doesn't have to bother with one more.
Although I did believe a constitutional amendment was a good idea when I joined, I've changed my mind. I don't think we should change the Constitution for every little thing and that's an issue that can be handled in other ways to the satisfaction of all sides.