Saturday, January 29

The Heart of an Iraqi in Bagdad

The following is from a resident of Bagdad about the day before the elections. I've searched and searched for a negative opinion and this is as close as I've found:
Good morning

The world is more concerned of the Iraqi elections than the poor Iraqis themselves.
People in Iraq are busy with their lives details and in solving the problems of water and electricity, and dealing with the lack of gas for cars and cooking, in addition to the daily horror of the bombed car, explosions, death and destruction -- and the gangs of thieves and kidnappers.

All of this in Iraq, while the international media stations are trying to find answers to questions like: What’s the ration of voters? Are the elections going to be held or not? Who is for the elections and who is against it? Who are the names in the winning elections lists? How many people are on each list?


The world is living other priorities that are totally different from the regular Iraqi's main concerns.

I know and feel the size of the struggle and sacrifices of Iraqis, and I wish that Iraq and Iraqis will achieve a stable life as soon as possible because they witnessed a long history full of suffering.

We always laugh and say that God will put Iraqis in heaven and tell them: you saw enough of misery in your life.

My heart laughs and cries at once.

The heart of the Iraqi people is staunch and brave. The more I read of what they are feeling and doing, the more I believe that what we have done and are doing was right and true.

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