Sunday, November 9

We Will See

Yes, I'm disappointed.
I was hoping the first black president would be a man or woman with American history in his/her bones -- up from slavery to the highest office. Someone who had a record of empathy for ALL americans, not just a few.
But life just doesn't work that way.

I'm horrified that there are statistics that say Americans don't support a society in which its productive citizens are taxed so that those who aren't as successful get free handouts and yet they voted for those very programs.

I am deeply disappointed in journalists who forgot how to be journalists and refused to "vet" the candidate. They have, in effect, but an office boy behind the CEO's desk.

I am amazed at the ignorance of those who say that Obama's election destroyed racism in America. It has, in fact, proved that America is very much a racist society -- that black people will vote for someone because he's black and white people will vote for him because he's black. And the fact that there are those who will read this paragraph and call me racist also proves my point.

But when Obama is President then I will support him for that reason alone -- that he is President of the United States. I won't call him names or insult him or say he's dumb like people have done to President Bush, not because I don't think those things -- and when he does dumb things I'll call him out on them -- but because it's disrespectful. He gets my respect for the office he holds.

I do think the nation has made a serious mistake and it has made them for all the wrong reasons. We will see.

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