Saturday, November 1

Selfish Americans

You know what? Now that Obama has come out with that snide little crack about Americans being selfish if they want to decide how to spend their own money (and this he's saying about the most generous citizen population in the world!), I almost hope he wins. It would serve his supporters right. Trouble is, I don't deserve the result and I'm going to have my taxes raised just like everyone else.

He's going to do exactly what Bill Clinton did: he's going to say he can't afford to give out the promised doles and he's going to have to raise taxes after all. Then he's going to tax social security income even more than it's taxed already.

Let's look at who's selfish. Obama is a millionaire and yet his tax records say he gives less than 3% to charity. Heck, we pledge 10% to our church and don't take the tax write-off. (After all, if you take something back, you haven't given that portion!) Every minute of Obama's adult life has been dedicated to serving himself -- if he had truly been putting his "money where his mouth is" he wouldn't have accumulated enough to buy a million dollar home. He wouldn't have even wanted one. And Michelle sure wouldn't be buying caviar and champagne for afternoon snacks.

I had some respect for Obama until he came out with that nasty little comment. That shows who he really is -- and I have NO respect for him. He's a slick, nasty little two-bit politician and if he is elected, some Americans will get what they deserve. The rest of us will just have to suffer.

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