Saturday, November 1

Iran Threatens America With Suicide Bombers

[Jerusalem Post]
Iranian parliamentary speaker 'Ali Larijani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah 'Ali Khamanai have launched harsh verbal attacks against the United States.

"The US method and conduct, expressed by this aggression, will only be stopped by a clear-cut and unexpected response, whose grounds were set by the martyr Hussein Fahmida," Larijani said during a parliamentary session on Wednesday.
..."America should be aware not to put its huge body on top of the suicide bombers' explosive devices," Larijani said.

On the same day, Khamanai said the differences between Iran and the US were far beyond differences of opinion.

The question now becomes: do we want an appeaser like Chamberlain before WWII at the head of our government or an ex-soldier who will protect and defend the US?

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