Tuesday, November 23

To Senator Kerry

We'll be visiting family for Thanksgiving so I want to get this off my chest, then I'm going to go celebrate until the weekend. And we're getting snow, too! What could be more fun. It's almost as good as winning the election.

So they're saying that signs point toward Kerry running again in 2008. "Many Democratic lawmakers are interpreting Sen. John Kerry’s active participation in selecting the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as the strongest signal yet that the defeated presidential candidate is keeping his options open for a bid in 2008."

Well, Mr. Kerry, I want you to answer some questions first and I will spend the next four years trying to get them out of you.
1. Did you or did you not meet with Viet Namese and Viet Cong leaders in Paris in 1971 and/or 1972?
2. Were you at the Kansas City VVAW meeting in 1971 where they planned the assassination of sitting US Senators?
3. Will you release ALL of your war records to prove that you did not receive a dishonorable discharge when the Navy learned of your meetings in Paris? I want to know why you did not obtain an honorable discharge until Mar. 12, 2001 even though your service obligation should have ended July 1, 1972. And why it had to come through the Executive branch rather than from the Navy.
Comprehensive but not ALL Military Service Records, FBI and CIA records on Kerry are available on CD at http://www.paperlessarchives.com/john_kerry.html and http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1104702/posts.

The trouble with asking these questions is that I wouldn't believe the answers anyway. Therefore, Senator, I would want to see original source proof of any position you would take.

Frankly, Sir -- I think you should be removed from your post in the United States Senate for treason. Nothing you have done in the Senate has demonstrated the kind of dedication to the good of the country, the personal character, the command of ethical behavior or the sense of honor that I want to see in the office of President of the United States. The burden is on you to prove your worthiness for the Presidency. You haven't done that.


Anonymous said...

...you stand behind a man that tries to tarnish the record of a war hero, when he himself has never been to war, even better than that was missing for quite some time. A question to your president: where were you when you were supposed to be serving your country? Sounds to me like you had to dig for those questions, did you dig like that on your candidate??? I guess if you are republican you stand behind your guy no matter how big of a hypocrit...?

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous;
I didn't have to dig any harder to find those facts on Sen. Kerry (some were on his website) than I did to find out that President Bush spent two years training to fly one of the most difficult jets we have and that his record was faultless. He also received an honorable discharge when his service time was up.

The items you refer to in the President's military record were forged; his commander spoke out and defended President Bush's service.

I don't suppose you've ever spoken spontaneously before a large group. I have and some of the sentences I came out with were just as bad as those you quote. To me, however, the worst quote of all was "I did vote for the money for the troops before I voted against it," and that came from Kerry.

I have family in Iraq, too. And a grandson who will graduate from West Point next year. But we went to war for a reason and although it's hard and long and painful, we will win.

I wrote a poem after my son was spat on by a war protestor when he was a new member of the Air Force. It's the second post in this series. Read it. That's how I feel about war protestors.

Anonymous said...

Well just like in the next comment area, you did good to talk in circles and fail to avoid the questions. Just like the good ole' GOD, oops I mean GOP. Fact of the matter is, no matter what, the guy was AWOL and even if he wasn't he didn't go to war which looks real bad when he tries to defecate on a war heroes record. HE WAS arrested for DUI in 1976, and in case you didn't know, you had to be pretty trashed in '76 to actually get arrested for DUI. But, you are still 100% for this guy, and for that I salute you, its good to stand firm behind the idiot that fails to support 'No Child Left Behind,' because after all, if he doesn't have an education, why should my children...

If talking in circles and avoiding issues is what the GOP is good for, I will remain independent. This division is healthy anyway it keeps the ole man on his toes. Did you take a minute to view the Falluja pictures? Small price to pay for Iraq's freedom... I will leave your blog alone now, I understand that differences are healthy now, and why I should beleive the way I do... Thank You for failing for all of us...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of talking in circles Mr. anonymous, the President NEVER denounced Kerry's war record. In fact, on more than one occassion he said he served honorably. He gave him more credit than most Americans. If you would care to research instead of just parrot the news you might find that your buddy, John, was in in cahoots with Hanoi way back when. That sounds like a treasonous act to most Americans, but the President gave him the benefit of the doubt. And quite frankly, regarding Bush's DUI, he fessed up immediately. I think that beats covering up the truth any day, which Kerry so aptly did throughout the campaign. I forgive humaness, but blatent dishonesty is pretty hard to overlook.

And Bush isn't educated or doesn't support "No Child Left Behind" a program the first lady initiated? This program should have been around when you were in school, because you obviously haven't learned the fine points of keeping up! Bush graduated from Yale, same as Kerry, and his IQ is higher! Good grief, wake up and smell the coffee, or maybe you're on a caffeine high! At any rate, divided we may be, but we're still Americans. Next time, just get the facts straight! Diva Karyn

Unknown said...

Hey, you two! I'm so glad you're both here. There's nothing more fun (and more enlightening) than a spirited conversation.

Maybe it's time for a comment or two that we can all agree on -- like, Happy Thanksgiving and a hearty welcome to the holiday season. We're just back from a quick trip to visit the grandchildren and brought our granddaughter home with us. She and I are looking for another snowstorm, hoping she'll get to stay a little longer. In the meantime we'll start decorating for Christmas. She's the only girl in a family of five boys so she's really enjoying the peace and quiet.

And can we agree that now the election's over we can all work together to make our country a little better for everyone?

We in Kansas City have been blessed by the results of the "No Child Left Behind" work in our local school systems. In my own family, our youngest son became a homeowner this year. In most cases that's not surprising but this young man is severely retarded. He can't take care of himself and he can't communicate in language in spite of the fact that he's not deaf. He has autistic symptoms and lives alone with a staff of 5 who look after him 24/7.

Thanks to one of President Bush's community development programs for low income families, he qualified for a home mortgage and we found a house for him. Now he is part of the American Dream -- a homeowner!

And the media says the Bush administration doesn't take care of people who need help! They do -- all you have to do is find the help.

So you see we have a lot to be thankful for this season -- our family service members are home and/or safe for the time being and we have a new homeowner in our family.

I'd love to continue this discussion and I'm sorry if I'm talking in circles. Ask more and I'll try harder, Anonymous.

And Diva -- you're a doll!