Thursday, November 4

Goodbye Network Falsehoods; Hello Fair & Balanced

It took a couple of days to rest up after the long election day on my feet but now I'm back and ready to go again, full of gratitude, relief and hope.

The most significant thing about this election (to me, at least) is what has happened to the media, especially network news. For many years -- since 1964 specifically -- I have seen and heard reporting that made me terribly suspicious at first, then nauseatingly certain. My husband, for example, working with the astronauts on Gemini and Apollo flights and I saw first-hand managed news and downright lies, each vehemently denied by the media when attention was called to it. "We stand by our report/reporter" was the mantra.

Comes now the 2004 election and again and again the media were caught in the act of misdirection and lying, actually trapped in their guilt so there was no way out. CBS's "mistakes," for example, were no surprise; the surprise was that they actually got caught.

It's Fox News that we have to thank for freeing us from the oppression of shamelessly lying and opportunist journalists. No wonder the "established media" make fun of Fox and its correspondents. They use humor to attempt undermine the credibility of Fox and the radio pundits. What they don't understand is that the American people are both intelligent and observant. People can also do the research that reporters too often "forget" or neglect to do.

Even the so-called exit polls can't affect an election anymore. Voters are more informed on both sides of the issues and most make their decisions before they go to the polls. We can only hope the media continue to waste their money on those silly polls -- that way they're not spending large sums on something more effective.

Thank You, Fox News.

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