Friday, July 31

A TACKY WHITE HOUSE and Other Thoughts

Since the present President of the United States refers to the former President as "Bush" I see no reason why anyone should refer to him as anything other than "Obama." He doesn't havc enough respect for the office to wear a coat and tie in the Oval Office, anyway. He'd rather be cool. So it's just as cool to call him "Obama."

But it's not cool to be invited to dinner at the White House anymore. You might have to pay because it could look like he's currying your favor. (Has he ever done anything else with anyone?) How totally tacky.

I do hope he charges guests for staying in the Lincoln Bedroom. That should put the White House in the class with fancy B&Bs.

It's obvious that Obama and his staff have no concept of the things that built this country, like ethics and honor. He certainly doesn't know how to be economical -- we need to charge him personally for use of Air Force One, for example. That might make him stay home and use computer technology for meetings for a change.

Our brilliant media decided he was intelligent because he carried books around during the campaign (with the titles facing outward, of course). They didn't bother to ask him to find out if he was reading them -- to discover that, they'd have had to read the books so they could ask questions. Reporters don't read books; they just judge others. Sarah Palin was so insulted by Katy Curic's question about her reading that she flubbed her answer and the idiots in the press, never known for sensitivity anyway) thought that meant she didn't read.

Bill Maher is right. Some Americans are stupid but most of the really dumb ones are either liberal/progressive politicians, mainstream media or entertainers.

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