Friday, August 29

McCain - Palin

What a great choice.

Just shows McCain's independence streak and his wisdom.

I was hoping he'd choose Sen. Elizabeth Dole but I have to admit this is a wilder, braver choice.

It doesn't mean the election will be easy, though. This forces Obama to play the race card. It hasn't occurred to him that every person who votes for him because he's black is playing that card -- and there certainly are plenty of those!

The counter argument to that, of course, is that every woman voting for Palin is playing the feminist card EXCEPT for what she stands for and what she's done. Why, she's done more in two years as Governor than Obama has done in six years in a state senate and three years in Congress. That is one impressive lady.

And John McCain is one impressive gentleman to make such a great choice.

Hooray .... and, for good measure....HALLELUJAH.

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