Sunday, January 8

A True Picture of American Troops

God Bless Our American Soldiers. They are the finest ambassadors of what America really and truly is.

In spite of the fact that 70% of Time’s readers voted in an on-line poll for Michael Yon’s incredible picture of an American soldier cradling an Iraqi baby wounded in a terrorist attack. the December 19th issue of Time Magazine featured “The Best Photos of 2005,” which were mostly shots of Katrina victims, Tsunami victims, Kashmir earthquake victims, Iraq War victims, etc.

The NYT is among the loudest of the critics of the war, so why aren't we all rising up against the New York Times and the mainstream media and upbraiding them for irresponsible war coverage?

The mainstream media has long since abandoned ethics and responsibility in journalism. So why do we listen to them? Why are they not going broke? The scandals at NYT this year alone should have put them out of business for good.

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J. Kellam said...

This is the very definition of "a picture can say a thousand words", or something like that.

But this picture does not work in the favor of the war or our troops. How could I ever support something that creates such devastation? Look what this war has done to their country, their people, their children.

I see this photo and it makes me weep. Not just for the child, but for the troop as well, because in the back of his mind he knows he played a part in this child's pain.

This war is wrong, and there is no justification for the many young lives it has taken.