Monday, January 2

I'm Baaack!

Did you have a Merry Christmas? I sure did. Hubby and I spent the months of November and December traveling back and forth between home, friends and family. We threw in some great celebrations, as well.

One of the really great things we did during December was to take a trip to Alabama to share a Victorian tea and the family ancestral home, built in 1836 by my great-grandfather. The cousins who own the home and keep it up were receiving a plaque designating the house as an Alabama historic home. It is full of antiques collected over the years by the family and, of course, we know the entire history of the property. That's fairly rare, we hear. Few restored historic homes are in the original family.

I found it easier than I expected to turn my back on the political arena for a while. Political discourse in this country has reached such a childish low that it has ceased to be amusing. I am back at the blog because I'm afraid the Philistines will take over completely if we give up.

The liberal press -- Washington Post, NY Times and their ilk -- have sunk to such journalistic lows that it's amazing that they are still in business. The vicious rhetoric against the President (and I don't agree with much of his domestic policies) is unreasonable, unreasoning and slanderous.

The thing that broke my camel's back, I think, was the mindless, unreasonable vicious attacks that were posted on this blog this past Fall. They didn't hurt me but they saddened me. When people resort to that kind of name calling it means their minds are closed and they are operating on senseless hatred. Since the purpose of this blog was to initiate discussion, and preferably with Liberals and/or Democrats, I truly hated to delete the posts and make it difficult for people to comment.

Now that I've been away for a while, perhaps the Mindless Ones have taken their foul language, put-downs and thoughtless stupidity elsewhere. I will wait a day or tow and change the setting back to accepting comments and see.

Meanwhile, make it a happy new year for you and your influence sphere. Happiness is a choice, you know. If you choose to, you can be happy under the most horrendous circumstances.

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pie said...

you deleted posts? censorship causes blindness you know.