Saturday, December 3

"Happy Holidays?" Bah HUMBUG

America -- the nation of Scrooges and Grinches. And Christian soldiers. That hymn, "Onward Christian Soldiers" never meant much to me before, but it sure does now.

Having successfully removed the Lord's Prayer from American schools, the ACLU and its like-minded allies are involved in an ongoing attemtp to remove the words "in God we trust" from our motto, our coins and our federal buildings. They ban creches from public display, sue to remove the words "under God" from our pledge of allegiance and decree that it's offensive to wish someone a "Merry Christmas."

Comes now a memo from an underling (subsequently fired) at Walmart proclaiming that Christmas trees will be called "holiday trees" and the phrase "Merry Christmas" will not be used on store property. When that little message was publicized and Walmart heard the uproar from millions of customers, the policy was refuted and the perpetrator fired.

But quietly, insidiously, "Happy Holidays" has replaced the joyous "Merry Christmas" wish. Stores (whose customers are 85% Christian) fear that they will offend people of other -- or no-- faith and refuse to print the "Christmas" word. Target refused to let the Salvation Army bell ringers on their property last year and this year they are ignoring queries by various groups as to their stand on "Merry Christmas."

Salesclerks in stores look embarrassed if I wish them a "Merry Christmas." But there is hope:

Walgreens has issued a statement saying that next year they will revert to the old-fashioned "Merry Christmas" in their stores.

Can it be true that Christians are poised to re-take the nation?

The United states of America was founded on Christian religious principles by people who fled Europe to get away from religious persecution. Now descendants of those Christian soldiers find themselves treated as a minority in the land they claimed in God's name; derided and slandered by whiners who, not suffering persecution except in their own minds, have no tolerance for the mores and culture of their adopted land.

It's time each of us who value the traditions, morals, ethics and lifestyles of our fathers stand up to the Scrooges and Grinches and refuse to let them spoil our nation. For they are spoilers -- johnny-come-latelies who don't have the guts to build a nation of their own but want to spoil the only nation in the world built on the Christian faith.

The history of our nation shows that the Christians have been tolerant of other faiths. In fact, so tolerant that the very core values of America are at risk. Let's rise up, Christian soldiers. Let's tell the other faiths (and non-faiths) that they are welcome to practice whatever they choose for themselves, but they will do it in a Christian nation. They will do it without further criticism of Christian values. Or they can simply go somewhere else.'s CHRISTmas. December 25 is the day you get off from work. It's official.

Merry Christmas, everybody. And Happy Hannukah and Joyous Kwanza. But I'll be darned if I'll wish anyone a generic, mealy-mouthed "happy holiday."

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pie said...

a theocratic republic indeed. one more thing, christians have been far from tolerant in the past (the inquisition, protestant v. catholic wars, kkk, ian paisley the little rat, early christian consideration of native americans as barbarians before the 20th century, discrimination against catholic immigrants in u.s. during great migration period of late 1800's& early 1900's by protestant majority.