Thursday, November 17


I am so shocked and disgusted with the Democrats and the American people that I am speechless. (Obviously since I've posted only once this month.) I've been trying to decide who is to blame and I've decided that the American education system, the NEA and most teachers in the US are to blame. They have been so interested in their so-called "low pay status" that they have neglected to teach children the necessity to doubt the American press and the necessity to research important issues for themselves. They have also neglected to teach students that the opinions they hold in youth will not necessarily be theirs as they age. Most important they haven't taught American students to think for themselves.

If they had, we wouldn't be confronted with an electorate that is so easily swayed by political lies. Voters would look, for example, at the events leading up to the war in Iraq and turn a deaf ear to Democrats who twist the truth.

They would look at statements made by court nominees and ask what they think now. Most important, they would object loudly and clearly to being taken for the dunces that Democrats, some Republicans and the Mainstream Media obviously take them for.

I have been angry. Very angry. So angry I can't write.


American Daughter said...

I am furious also. But it makes me want to write more. I feel we need coalitions of angry bloggers to counteract the mainstream media.

Dan Piparo said...

Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying “It’s All George Bush’s Fault!"

I hope that you don't think this is spam. I really do think that you'd appreciate a site like this since we share the same idealogy.

Notta Libb

Unknown said...

That site is hilarious, Notta. Thanks.