Wednesday, May 18

Democrats Act Like Spoiled Brats

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Communication Director Bob Stevenson today made the following statement in response to the Senate Democrats’ refusal to grant consent, effectively shutting down the Senate’s committees and preventing them from meeting after 11:30 a.m..

"What a difference a day makes. Less than 24 hours after he complained the Senate is ignoring issues important to Americans, Democrat Leader Harry Reid today threatened progress on an energy bill, a jobs bill, disaster relief, and a closed intelligence meeting.

"To close down the committees over the judges issue is not only counterproductive, it could hurt Americans looking for work or suffering at the gas pumps.

"Despite any differences over the judges, the American people want their government to continue working on issues important to them. They want the Senate to do its job.

"Despite his suggestions to the contrary, Senator Reid's actions speak volumes. It would appear the Democrats' threat to shut down the Senate has already begun."


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Sunnye T said...

You left an m out of accommodate, an s out of assist, and the g out of energy. You must be a Democrat.