Wednesday, March 9

So..I've Been Slapped Around A Bit. By Conservatives!

Well, I am going to let my Liberal friends have a huge chance to say "I told you so." And I will take it like a lady.

For years -- forever -- I've stood up and defended Conservatives when my Liberal buddies bashed them and said they were dumb, rude, etc. etc. I thought I was Right (couldn't resist the pun) because although I do now and have in the past belonged to quite a few email lists, mostly conservative, I had never seen the things my liberal friends accused us of. That is, until yesterday, as a new member to a Conservative list.

To be fair, I have to admit I brought it on myself. Someone posted an article about Muslims being able to broadcast daily prayers in a city somewhere in Great Flyover Land. Remembering how much I love hearing church bells in the small towns of our country, I thought that sounded a bit unusual -- but lovely. I didn't comment on the post at that time.

However, several posts immediately followed that, saying the poster hated Muslims and would like to kill them all. That's when I spoke up.

I said not all Muslims are terrorists; that the terrorists are an extremist faction (like skinheads or some equally fringe outfit) and that as Christians and as Americans we are called to resist hatred. I also said that if we hate Muslims, the terrorists win. And I said more along those lines.

Boy, did I bring the wrath of the Right down on my head.

So to my Liberal friends who have claimed to be cursed and worse by Conservatives, I apologize. We're not all like that, but obviously some of the worst Conservatives are at least as vicious, narrow-minded, stupid and blind as the worst of the Liberals.

I promise I won't ever take up for Conservatives as a generic breed again.

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