Wednesday, March 16

Save The FFTF. It's Important.

by Dale Robinson

The article you find if you click HERE is highly informative, and addresses some common concerns. The Q & A, questions and answers, toward the end of the article provide good scientific answers to questions many people have about nuclear research.

Time is our enemy, we need more people to become involved. I encourage everybody to join the battle, and to join the group to stay informed, as discussion and exchanges provide valuable insight at As well as ALL people who are involved in this battle, to share their input and knowledge with others to educate and enlighten them in this field.

We must succeed in stopping the DOE from "killing" the FFTF. Which is appearing to be "in part" their own cover-up for "deactivating" the Reactor in the early 90s, and robbing the American People of much needed Medical Isotopes, and Medical Research. They would have to accept responsibility for the many lost lives. Now, the United States has taken a back seat to Europe in cancer treatment, and England is getting ready to expand their efforts and build a Reactor, while the United States ELIMINATES it's own abilities. Just because they (DOE) made a huge mistake, is no reason to eliminate the largest, most versatile, best equipped Reactor in the Entire World.

Since Medical Isotopes have a lifespan of a few hours to a couple days maximum, Europe is not a good source, and our dependency for 90% of our Medical Isotopes from Canada proved "fatal" when supply was disrupted after 9/11. And maintains being "skeptical" depending on our relations with Canada. While Europe is surging ahead with Isotopes and other "new science," the United States is apparently "self destructing" and moving into a new "Dark Age" in the Medical field. With the destruction of the FFTF, we would be placing ourselves at the mercy of the rest of the world. A position we would NEVER recover from. It is truly a "Fatal" move and decision.

Currently, by signed agreement, our only source for "testing" is with FRANCE! O'Reilly should love this fact. Write him at Make it "Pithy." Tell O'Reilly to contact Michael R. Fox Ph.D. at for information and more contact sources.

WHAT THEN? And France's Super Phenix Reactor is already decommissioned, and dead. As hard as I worked to get Bush re-elected, I am writing him on this topic, and I urge you to join me. Writer to I do not believe Bush realizes, or is aware, what the DOE is doing. We need to tell him.

It is also of importance that there are no medical isotopes being currently produced by the French Reactor.

A great many environmentalists are in favor of Nuclear. Check out the Enviromentalists for Nuclear Energy website at

For the opposing "greenies," FFTF is their biggest "trophy kill," and they are sparing no means to inflict this onto the American public. We need to mount up against them, and the DOE.

The Washington Senators and Congressmen are doing NOTHING to help this issue. After investigating, I have reached the conclusion that there is one word to define why. "GREED."

Washington is still financially down at 6.2% unemployment. The decommissioning of FFTF will provide an estimated 2 BILLION DOLLAR contract for dismantling and clean-up. It appears the Senators think they have an inside track on this and can keep the contract in-state, rather than it going to an out-of -state contract. This is putting basic greed ahead of doing the "right thing" for National Security and National Interests. They have also about run out of things to tax in Washington. Keeping in mind that both Senators are Democrats. We need to put forth a Nation Wide Outcry against decommissioning FFTF. Please write our Senators with your input. These are the links to fill out email form on the Internet.

Senator Patty Murray

Senator Maria Cantwell

Doc Hastings is Washington's Congressman from the 4th District. You cannot email him with a zip code outside of the 4th District. But, you sure can write/phone/fax him. And The two Washington Senators claim that Doc Hastings has to get "back on board" in order for them to give support to saving FFTF. The incredible world of Politics. Doesn't anybody just do what is right for the people anymore?

Tri-Cities Office
2715 St. Andrews Loop, Suite D
Pasco, WA 99301
(509) 543-9396
Fax: (509) 545-1972

Please post and forward to all of your groups and email lists. They may contain valuable people to help in this battle.

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