Wednesday, December 8

A Gift For You Who Grieve

If you face this Christmas lost in an overwhelming, relentless pool of grief, this is my gift to ease your heart. Please take this poem in the spirit of the season and read it as a prayer meant just for you.


My aching heart sends forth its faith and, quavering,
The old beloved carol sounds here, beside your grave.
I kneel to brush aside crystal, tear-crusted snow
As my soft song heralds, once again, our Savior's birth.

For Christmas is not a children's time as most believe.
The deepest meanings of this season's joy
Are lost to those who have not felt
The gratitude and praise that soothes this Mother's heart.

The heart of one who knows that Christ was there
When all that earth could do for you had come to naught,
To take you in His arms
And keep you safe among the angels until the Promised Day.

Oh now your Joy!
And Oh, our thanks to Him.

Welcoming a certain sadness because we miss you so,
We sing the carols, trim the tree and, lighting candles,
Celebrate the coming of the One who, through His love,
Binds you to happy memory and keeps you close.

Sunnye Tiedemann

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