Sunday, April 22


I think it's time for a new resolution -- to try to keep up with this blog. With the new Presidential campaign in full swing (although I'm still hoping for an open convention), I'll have plenty of feelings to share here. As a political junkie, I've been observing and participating in the American political process actively since 1952 and intend to continue to do so until my 100th birthday.

I do want to state from the outset that I seek no one's good opinion or approval. I plan to write about what I'm thinking and why and, frankly, since I arrive at those through a good deal of research and thought, I don't care whether the reader approves. That said, I would appreciate your thoughts if you disagree, especially if you back your statements with facts that you've researched. I am interested in fact much more than opinion because it seems to me that journalists today have forgotten that reporting should be based on fact.

In addition to all that, I plan to write MY opinion of facts I find. I don't pretend to be unbiased -- I am not a reporter. At least not here.

So if you like to read what I'm thinking, please do. And do tell me what you're thinking about, as well. But please don't expect me to write under restrictions imposed by you and your standards. I have my own standards and will abide by those.

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