Saturday, January 22

Wake UP

I simply HAVE to wake up and blog! There's so much going on out there that it's really hard to stay silent.

After years of hearing people like Bill Maher and Jeanene Garofola call President Bush a liar and stupid and even calling for his assassination (which was seen often on the Daily Kos), not to mention the thorough assassination through outright lies and refusal to report the truth about Sarah Palin and what she did for Alaska (not to mention the disgusting attacks on her children), the "intellectual" left self-styled progressives put on their halos and most innocent looks while they characterize everyone -- not just Fox News and "tea partiers" as uninformed, stupid and useless.

They are tireless. And I wonder sometimes if they're correct when I see Obama's ratings climbing when he does a quick soft-shoe (suddenly agreeing to extend the Bush tax reforms after years of campaigning against them, for example, and pretending to "compromise" with the newly-elected conservative members of Congress) to look like he's listening to the people. There's not a sincere bone in that man's body. He's just charming. So what? So is George Clooney but he's not smart enough to run the country. Heck, he's not even a serious actor!

Obama is having a great time in the White House. While nearly half of America is jobless and fighting for their lives, he's hopping all over the country in Air Force One and throwing big parties for foreign leaders who are at least smart enough to travel on commercial transportation (even if the goods they ship to the US are shoddy -- heck, we buy them and don't complain. We get what we deserve!)

Obama is slowly but surely propagandizing the American people into thinking they can't take care of themselves. He's controlling our speech because some idiot nutcase shot up a shopper's parking lot -- but when another idiot killed our troops on a military base, he barely said a word and the media certainly didn't hesitate to "target" conservatives.

Maybe the entire nation is sick -- Obamamania is certainly an invasive and dangerous virus.

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