Wednesday, April 7

Catch Up

I haven't been good about blogging lately. Maybe it's the absolutely stunning stupidity in the national political scene that has me frustrated. I don't know. I can't believe the nastiness -- Dems whining about threats of violence (most of which seem to be a product of the MainMedium's imagination) after six or seven years of threatening to assassinate President Bush and calling him traitor and worse. and that ilk sure love to dish it out and if they don't get it back, they manufacture it.

What a bunch of creeps.

I haven't joined the tea party folks but after seeing the national networks' and the President's staff's reactions, I think I will. If I can't attend I'll send money. If that makes me a racist and all that other stuff -- too bad.

Obama and his crew are working hard to make the term "racist" a badge of honor.


American Daughter said...

I share your dismay at the corruption of our politicians and mainstream media. I am pinning my hopes on the Tea Party movement. Rasmussen reports they have grown from 16% to 24% of the public in the last month!

I am old enough to remember the terrible sacrifices of WWII, and cannot bear to see Obama destroying the legacy left to us by all those who gave their lives for freedom.

It's good to see you posting!

Anonymous said...

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