Thursday, August 6

Obama Wants Names

I remember during WWII being shocked at hearing how German children were encouraged to report friends and family to the government who opposed Hitler. Since I was being taught that I was free to speak out in opposition to my government if I had good reason to oppose something about it, reporting others for their political opinions seemed particularly frightening to me.

So now we learn that the Obama administration has done exactly that same thing. They want their supporters to report anyone who sends out e-mails opposing Obama's health plan. Shades of Nazi Germany.

I suggest all of us who oppose this latest offense to a free society of Obama's send in our own e-mail addresses (and I will send in the URL to this blog). There is safety in numbers even if Obama does call us "racists" and whatever else he comes up with.

Germany went down in flames because people were afraid to oppose Hitler. All signs are pointing in a similar direction for the United States and I, for one, will stand up and fight back. Bring on the gas chamber.

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