Friday, October 10

The Man Behind the Curtain

Remember the Wizard of Oz? That little old guy behind a curtain operating a fierce illusion? Something like that seems to be going on in this election.

The current Democrat's campaign has always promised an October surprise. We've thought that referred to the AK investigation into the firing of an incompetent official in the governor of AK's administration but the timing of this sudden implosion in the financial markets has me wondering if that's what they meant.

Let's look first at the history of this campaign. It's all about illusion. For example, professional politicians who want to graduate to the national stage would eagerly throw their mothers under the bus to get to speak at a nation convention. Guess who did that -- and a primo spot in the lineup, as well -- BEFORE he was elected to a national position! That took some kind of money to get him there at that time.

When you look at all the money that's behind this campaign (Soros, Buffett, Raines's Freddie Mac contributions in the millions and more) ALL of them have huge assets. In the billions, no less. And the financial markets are far less than transparent. The fat cats aren't being hurt by this. It just looks to me, when you consider how the candidate has won elections in the past, if he -- and his campaign supporters -- may not be the man behind the curtain.

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