Friday, August 18

Face It, America

Until the USA faces the truth, we are in mortal danger. The truth:

1. There are no innocent civilians in World War III.
As long as there are mothers who will fill their baby's bottles with chemicals and take them on airplanes to blow them up, there are no innocent civilians.

As long as parents allow their children to carry explosives in back packs with the intention of blowing up restaurants and convoys, there are no innocent civilians.

But most important of all, as long as the Muslim community refuses to take responsibility for the insurgents in their midst and decline to purge them, one-at-a-time if necessary, there are NO innocent civilians.

If the Lebanese army would rout the Hezbollah from Lebanon, there would be no Israeli invasions. If the Syrians and Iranians would purge the killers from their midst, there would be no danger for the rest of the world.

In the meantime, however, the United States should (and really must) blow up all of the Iranian and Syrian oil fields to cut off terrorist financing.

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