Tuesday, June 7

Kerry's Academic Record Worse that President Bush's

What whaddaya know. Kerry released his academic records.

And it turns out the "intellectual" who was supposed to have done so much better than President Bush in college -- did worse.

Seems his highest grade in four years at Yale was an 89 he got his senior year."I always told my dad that D stood for distinction," Kerry said in a written response to reporters' questions.

His cumulative grade average was 76 at graduation.

So President Bush's academic record was better than Kerry's. Not a lot, but still better. No wonder Kerry refused to release the information before the election. He got a lot of steam out of making fun of the President's so-called poor academic record.

To any reasonable person the President comes out 'way ahead on this one. He wasn't proud of his grades but he was honest about them and took the jibes about his being dumb with quiet grace. John Kerry didn't even have the guts to release his, and tried his best to look smarter and better academically and intellectually. What a lie. What a liar.

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