Sunday, April 10

I would have voted against the Kansas marriage amendment before I voted for it.

The only reason I voted for the amendment (which affirmed that "marriage" is defined as a covenant between a man and a woman) is that a vote against it affirmed "gay" marriage. Which I don't.

Confusing? It's really not.

You see, I believe (and judging from the arguments for and con, I'm the only one in the world) that marriage is a sacrament and a covenant in the most faith-full meaning of those terms. And it's not just between a man and a woman -- it's between a man, a woman, and God.

You see, I'm such an extremist that I don't believe a man and a woman have a "marriage" unless God is included. That's a union, if it's just you two.

Oh, I know all those arguments about marriage and family being the base of the structure of society and I believe that too -- I just don't think that's as important as the sacrament of marriage.

As a Christian I believe homosexuality is wrong. I also believe it's my responsibility as a Christian to tell a homosexual that s/he is living what the Bible calls an abomination. Beyond that, it's none of my business.

If you want to join in a union with someone of your own sex, that's your problem. I have no objection to you doing so and to you having all the health benefits, legal benefits and whatever other benefits and legalities the state can impose on you.

Just don't call it "marriage." Because it isn't. And if you call your union a "marriage" you are defiling the sacrament that my marriage is simply because you're assuming that what I have is like what you have.

It isn't.

What I have is a committment to my husband and to God to love, honor, obey (yes, obey -- we both promise to obey GOD and respect each other).

You see, I have what has turned out to be a unique vision of marriage because not even my church defines it that way. But I believe that's how God defines it and that's what my marriage means to me. It is something sacred and lovely -- something that is defiled when someone assumes it is like a homosexual union.

So actually I would have voted against the Kansas marriage amendment to give "gay" couples all the legal rights and privileges they want if doing so had not indicated that I approve of and support those kinds of relationships.

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